Welcome to the RIS-ALiCE Registry.

The RIS-ALiCE project explores the possibilities of using Al-containing secondary materials, such as industrial and mining residues, in various industrial applications with a focus on the production of innovative mineral binders. More information about the project can be found at the following link: http://ris-alice.zag.si/about.

The RIS-ALiCE Registry of secondary mineral raw materials will serve as a matchmaking tool between holders/producers of industrial residues and potential end-users (cement plants and other stakeholders). Data on the types of materials, their locations, quantities, physico-chemical properties, and other information can be found in the registry.

All registered companies are invited to share data regarding their secondary mineral raw materials on the the RIS-ALiCE registry "marketplace". The potential end-users of secondary raw materials are invited to register on the portal and search for appropriate secondary raw materials which they could use in their production processes, and consequently thus contribute to the circular economy.

If you have any questions, please contact the RIS-ALiCE project coordinator dr. Sabina Dolenec (sabina.dolenec@zag.si) or the RIS-ALiCE Registry administrator dr. Gorazd Žibret (gorazd.zibret@geo-zs.si).